Karachi’s 14 year old girls from a government school beat private school boys in Chess by 6-2

The teenage girls of SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School in Karachi are turning eyes with their consecutive victories in the game of chess against boys from a prestigious private school.

The team of girls from SMB won 6 out of 8 games against the boys in a friendly match recently held in Karachi. The star player of the team, Maleeha Ali easily outsmarted her opponent by 24-4 points, securing the victory.

The boys who come from the BVS Parsi High School admitted that the girls always give them a very tough time. Apparently, the girls have won many matches against men in the past that they have earned themselves the title ‘Queens of Karachi’.

Part of the reason why the girls are really good at chess because they are being trained by Pakistan’s former international chess master Shahzad Mirza who also keenly promotes the game in schools across Pakistan.

SMB Fatima Jinnah school is also backed by Zindagi Trust, a charity run by Shehzad Roy. On the occasion, Roy expressed his pleasure by dedicating a Facebook post to the girls saying.

Brings a smile to my face and tears in my eyes to see the potential of these girls in our government schools. Amazing how introducing chess has transformed the mindsets of students, teachers & parents and shaped these girls into thinkers and leaders. Ace student and chess champ Bushra, with us since Class 1, is off to a peace leadership camp in the US!, Shahzad Roy

Chess is a compulsory subject for the girls in the school who are in grades 4-8 which is why there is no surprise why they are so skilled at it.