Here’s everything that went down at the Pakistan Auto Show 2018 held in Lahore

The Pakistan Auto Show 2018 held in Lahore over the weekend was a huge success with more than 300,000 visitors turnout recorded.

The show was organized by Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers with an aim to offer people a chance to witness technological insights and valuable knowledge in the advancement of engineering in the industry.

The auto show featured a huge range of products and process that was displayed by over 200 local and international auto-manufacturers. There were also numerous seminars and training workshops conducted by the leaders in the industry. The PAAPAM is now aiming to make this auto show one of the biggest in the country in the coming years.

The Pakistan Auto Show 2018 also attracted raw material suppliers, bodywork professionals, repairs, automobile financing companies, used-car dealers and more. People had the opportunity to find a used car and get financing details on the spot.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the show was the return of the iconic Vespa Scooters which have now been launched in the country.

Re-launch of Vespa Scooters in Pakistan

Ravi Group of Companies partnered with Piaggio Italy to bring back Vespa scooters in the country. Piaggio and Ravi launched the Vespa Primavera in Pakistan on the 2nd of March during the Pakistan Auto Show at Expo Center Lahore.

Mr. Stefano Pontecorvo (Italian Ambassador) inaugurated the Launch Ceremony of Vespa in Pakistan alongside his wife.

A huge turnout of people visited the booth of the two companies to witness the Vespa Primavera scooters firsthand. Ravi Group was also selling the scooters on the spot with a price tag of RS. 299,000 which will be RS. 330,000 after 16th March.