Despite being born with a deformity of all limbs, this girl excelled at academics and career

26-year-old Zahra Abbas was born with a deformity of all four limbs but she did not allow her disability to stop her from achieving success in academics and career.

Life may have been difficult for her, but through the support of her family and her own motivation, she has only moved forward in life.

Zahra studied most of her life by using her elbows to write. She completed her matriculation in 2008 and was awarded a gold medal for excelling at academics. She then did her MBA from Punjab University and now follows a successful career in a Management, Development and Consulting organization and recently earned the prestigious Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal Award as well.

Zahra recalls that as a child she faced a lot of rejection. When she wanted to join a school in the early ages of her life, many schools were hesitant to give her admission because they feared she would need special care. With continuous support from her parents and her own will to keep fighting, she finally got into Lahore Lyceum where her journey began.

She wrote with her elbows and did her best to complete assignments and clear her exams just like anyone else in her class.

Zahra also recalls the various challenges she faced throughout her school years. The biggest challenge was reaching for a class every day that was held on the third floor of the building because many schools in Pakistan do not have facilities to cater differently-abled individuals.

Despite facing countless other hurdles and obstacles, she never gave up and now has a successful career as a motivational speaker Management, Development, and Consulting organization and continues to inspire and motivate the youth of Pakistan.

Her message is clear, if you are determined and have enough will to fight back anything thrown at you, you can achieve success.