An all girls bicycle race was held in Karachi to create awareness about pollution

A first of its kind all girls bicycle race was held in Lyari, Karachi. The race was organized by the Lyari Girls Cafe which is known in the area for providing free of cost short courses to girls.

At least 21 girls took part in the race with girls aged between seven and twenty-five. The race was held on Mirza Adam Khan Road, the newly renovated road right next to Lyari Expressway.

The German Consul-General Rainer Schmiedchen also took part in the race which was primarily held in Lyari to create awareness about pollution. The message of the race was to use bicycles for commuting as much as possible because it reduces the dependency on fuel creating fewer emissions and ultimately saving the environment.

The race ended with the 12-year-old Urooj Bisma emerging victorious.

The Lyari girls cafe provides women with free of cost short courses to help them learn and polish new skills. They currently offer computer literacy, skills acquisition, empowerment, English language, Butision, Mehndi, Art & Craft, Dressmaking, fashion design courses amongst many others.

The Lyari Girls Cafe now aims to hold another race in Karachi only this time they want to take it to Clifton instead of Lyari.