A one of a kind women’s only PCO has been set up in Makin, South Waziristan

A one of a kind Public Call Office (PCO) has been set up exclusively for the women of Makin in South Waziristan. The PCO will enable the women of the area to call their husbands and family members with ease.

The PCO has been set up because there is still no mobile phone coverage in the area and most the area also does not have a phone connection. The PCO will have a PTCL line which will allow the women to call anywhere in Pakistan or even outside the country.

To make sure operation is smooth and the women are comfortable, the in charge of the PCO has been also given to a woman who will also be able to earn bread and butter while operating it.

The PCO is set up near the residential area and is completely covered from outside so that women can use it in privacy keeping in mind the traditions of purdah in the area.

The PCO will charge a nominal fee and provides a shade as well as a few seats for women waiting in line to call their family. This is an excellent initiative because the people of Makin, especially women have been deprived of telephony services for a very long time.