6 year old boy who impressed Wasim Akram with his bowling skills got coached by the legend himself

Just a couple of weeks back, a video of a young six-and-half-year-old left-arm bowler from Chicha Watni stunned everyone with his amazing swing bowling skills. His video of bowling was shared on social media and immediately went viral to an extent that it caught the attention of Pakistani legend Wasim Akram.

After watching the video, Wasim Akram couldn’t believe himself and re-tweeted the video saying, “Where is this boy??? We have serious talent flowing through the veins of our nation and no platform for these kids to be discovered. It’s time we do something about it.”

Today that very same boy, Hassan Akhtar met Wasim Akram at the National Cricket Academy and got a private coaching lesson from the legend himself.

Akram posted a couple of photos of the two together on his Twitter and won millions of hearts today in not only Pakistan but across the world where cricket is loved.

He even expressed his shock saying the boy already knew how to grip the ball perfectly for outswing and inswing.

Explaining the importance of front arm. He was all ears he already knows how to grip the ball for outswing and inswing. Unreal.

Akarm has asked the six-year-old-boy to keep training hard and finish his education along the way. When the time comes, he will be adequately trained to play for Pakistan.

More About Hassan Akhtar

Hassan Akhtar hails from Chichawatni district of Punjab and has a passion for cricket. He loves Wasim Akram and regularly watches his videos on YouTube and then trains his bowling skills for at least 2-4 hours daily in the backyard of his home.

Hassan idolizes Akram and wishes to become like him when he grows up.