YouTube terminates Pakistan Government’s channel over stolen content from Pakistani Vlogger

The official YouTube channel of Pakistan Government has been terminated by YouTube over copyright infringement claims on one of its videos.

The said the video ‘Family Friendly Act’ was using footage from a video of popular Pakistani vlogger ‘Irfan Junejo’ without his permission. Irfan immediately asked the government to remove the video containing his footage from his official Twitter account but there was no action taken.

After Irfan brought the issue to the public through his Facebook profile, many of his fans reported the channel and video for copyright infringement and YouTube took immediate action by terminating the channel.

The said footage was taken from Irfan’s extremely popular video ‘The Junejo Guide to Naran’ which has over two hundred thousand views on YouTube. You can watch the video below.

Pakistan Government side of story

In their defense, the Government of Pakistan has said that their YouTube channel is trying to portray a soft image of Pakistan. They issued a tweet saying that due credit was given to Irfan Junejo. The tweet also said that Junejo should be proud that his content is also being promoted through their channel.

The due credit has been given to Irfan Junejo and Mardan Films in details of the video. We are projecting a better image of Pakistan around the world; hence acknowledging and promoting the content shared on the internet. It’s for a constructive cause and not for self-publicity. Anyone can share their videos with us and we’ll be promoting your content as well. It’s a collective effort and everyone should feel proud.  – Government of Pakistan

Irfan Junejo side of story

To this Irfan replied by saying that he is more than willing to help the government or any other authorities of Pakistan that are willing to promote Pakistan at an international level, but they should have the courtesy to ask first.

Junejo also said that the channel wasn’t taken down because of his complaint, it went down after several people reported it collectively.

He also revealed that he isn’t the only person whose content is being used by others without permission. Have a look as he clarifies his side of the story below.

To explain his point of view, he mentioned a recent event where one of his videos was acquired by ISPR for use with his permission.

The said video was about Gwadar Rally and Major Bangash approached him asking for a drone footage of the rally. Irfan gladly gave the footage and he was given back credit. This is how he is expecting the Government to use other’s content.

More about Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is one of the most popular vloggers of Pakistan. He has over 88,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, with 28.3 K followers on his Instagram and  91,327 followers on Facebook.

He is known for producing travel videos and is very popular amongst Pakistani’s. His videos are also popularly seen in India, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.