You will soon be able to see heritage sites of Lahore through VR

Lahore is brimming with culture and heritage sites. Some of the most ancient and beautiful heritage sites are in the capital city of Punjab, but for people who are outside of the city and country, it can be tough to see these sites.

Keeping the international audience in mind, The Walled City of Lahore Authority has decided to introduce virtual tours through VR technology to help showcase the cultural and historical sites and sounds of Lahore.

The WCLA is working on revamping its website which will feature virtual tours of Lahore’s famous sites and sounds. This section will be an ideal place for both Pakistani’s and international citizens who wish to view heritage sites of Lahore from the comfort of their homes.

The WCLA is already famous for its various city tour services. They provide unique ways of touring the city. People already love their rickshaw and tonga tours and now the authority is hoping that their newest addition will make people fall in love with Lahore even more.

The new website will bring with it tons of new features including virtual tours, detailed descriptions of heritage sites, infographics and more. You will also be able to book for guided tours through the website when it goes live later this year.