This university in Balochistan has one of the prettiest buildings in the province

The Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Sciences in the Lasbela District of Balochistan has just completed construction on its Veterinary and Animal Sciences building and it is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece.

The university building is adorned with shades of gray, yellow, white and offwhite with a hint of orange giving a unique look. The unique building and its color scheme recently went viral on social media of Pakistan and turned a lot of heads in appreciation.

The university building was built under the supervision of Yasir Buzdar, the head engineer overlooking all the constructions in the university.

The university is located in the illiteracy-stricken district but over the years has helped many young men and women to obtain higher education. It opened its doors in 2005 and started operations inside an abandoned building of a textile industry located in Uthal.

Over the years the university has to face a lot of hurdles, especially in the number of students it gets. But since its inception, the Lasbela University has enabled students to achieve something in life. It was the first university to hand degrees in Marine Sciences vis a vis in Agriculture and DVM. It also accommodates 90% of the students which is a huge feat.

Location of Lasbela University

The Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water, and Marine Sciences is located in Regional Cooperation for Development HWY, Uthal.