Stuffed pizza skulls have become a crazy new trend on social media

Food trends on social media are getting crazier by the day. In the past couple of years, we have seen rainbow lattes, cheese tea, doughnut cones, charcoal burgers, rainbow spaghetti, ruby chocolate, pasta doughnuts and more.

But the latest food trend to hit social media worldwide, especially on Instagram is the Pizza Skulls. This new food trend is a pizza shaped like a skull and filled with all the things made from pizza.

The pizza skulls were made popular by an online cooking show Genius Kitchen. Their video of showing how to cook pizza skulls got 72 million views in few days. Following the video, hoards of people tried making the skulls at home.

Pizza skulls are made the same way any pizza is made. You need pizza dough, cheese, pizza sauce and any topping you love. The only difference is that the dough is arranged on a special skull shaped pizza tray and is then filled with toppings and sealed.

The skulls are then baked just like a pizza, in the same manner, a normal pizza is baked and the result is a genius new way of eating pizza which leaves everyone amazed.