Student From Peshawar creates unique device for visually impaired

23-year-old Hifza Jamal a student from Peshawar has just created an innovative device that will help visually impaired citizens of Pakistan to find their way around easily.

Hifza calls her unique device ‘Sonic Eye’ and describes it as a stick that is attached to a fully functional navigation system that helps in identifying objects in the path of visually impaired people. The navigation system is fitted with a sensor that emits frequencies emitting in the shape of a cone.

When an object or anything in front of the cone comes, the device immediately alerts the user with a loud beeping sound that alerts them to the presence of an object in front of them.

This allows the user to scan the area ahead of them to find a better path and keep walking. The device eliminates the need of depending on people to help in finding a path for the visually impaired.

Hifza developed Sonic Eye as her final year project in university with the help of her colleagues. She had to collect a lot of data for her project by discussing the problems visually impaired people face directly with the people and doctors.

She now plans to create a mobile application that will pair with the device and will alert the user by vibrating instead of creating a sound. The app will also directly install on the phone and use the camera to become a complete navigational system for the visually impaired. She urges that if she is provided help by the authorities, she will be able to mass produce the device and give it free to anyone who needs it.

This isn’t the first time Hifza has done something for differently abled citizens of Pakistan. She is the co-founder of Sympathizers, an organization that provides better health, education and other facilities to special people in the country.