Spring season is here and Lahore has the best spring festival going on

Spring is a beautiful time in Pakistan. The time of this year is the perfect time to visit various attractions in Pakistan because the weather is neither too hot or too cold.

Since Spring is all about color, flowers, and fruits, the Packages Mall in Lahore is welcoming the spring season with a spring festival.

The festival is one of a kind event being held inside and outside the mall where families can experience tons of activities including their favorite food.

The Spring Festival 2018 kicked off on February 15 in Lahore but is still going strong. People have already had the opportunity to see concerts and attend to other activities.

If you still head out to the mall, you’ll be welcomed by a specially organized food festival that is bringing together some of the best food from the city. If you haven’t got the time to visit the crowdiest places of Lahore experience the best desi food the city has to offer, the food festival at the mall is the next best experience.

Location of Spring Festival 2018 Lahore

The Spring Festival 2018 is being held in Packages Mall of Lahore. Here is how you can get there easily.