This small fast food outlet in Lahore is serving Pakistan’s biggest Sandwhich

Food challenges are extremely popular in western countries. But Pakistan isn’t behind any other country when it comes to food.

Food challenges are currently trending in Pakistan with many restaurants across the country now allowing people to compete in one and win free food.

Whether its a burger, a pizza, or biryani, if you are looking for a challenge, you’ll find one easily in Pakistan. A new fast food outlet in Lahore has introduced one such challenge and is now serving Pakistan’s biggest sandwich.

The sandwich is made with four chicken breasts, eggs and Salami and tons of vegetables and sauces, making it a mammoth which can easily serve 4-5 people.

But the outlet is serving it as a challenge. If you are able to finish the sandwich in less than 5 minutes of time, you will not have to pay for it. Otherwise, it costs around RS. 800.

The challenge is available at ‘The Sandwich Shop’ in Lahore. The outlet can be found just opposite Gourmet bakery in Faisal Town.

Apart from the mammoth sandwich, the outlet also serves burgers, fries and other sandwiches at very affordable prices.

Location of The Sandwich shop

The Sandwich shop is set opposite to Gourmet bakery in Faisal Town. Use the map to reach there easily.