Pakistan’s first all-girl team from NUST is making a Formula car to compete in an International Formula Student competition

‘Girls cannot drive’ is something very commonly said and heard in Pakistan. But this all-girl team from National University of Sciences and Technology is about to give a wake-up call to stereotypes in the country.

Team Auj is a team of 15 young girls from NUST has become the first team to qualify for a spot at the International Student Formula Competition being held in the UK in July.

The team is creating their own Formula car from scratch with an aim to reach 0-100 in 4.5 seconds with 90 horsepower and will now compete against 30 teams from around the world. They will represent Pakistan with car number 199 on the race track.


Meet the team

The team compromises of 15 girls from different disciplines from within the university including industrial designing, electrical engineering, business management and more.

The race car driver will also be a female who will be competing against men in Formula Student. Here are the core members of the team.

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Azka Athar
Team Lead

Our little miss perfectionist, Azka Athar, has her plate overflowing with work. From marketing to managerial decision making, she has gotten herself to supervise every single task carried out by the team. Chiefly, she is designated to design the chassis and suspension. Buckled up for the ups and downs along this journey, Azka is willing to go to great lengths to make this enterprise a huge success. Her devotion to the project is inspirational.

Fatima Sohail
Director Team Management

There is no slacking off on her watch. Our Director Team Management, Fatima Sohail, surely knows how to get things done. Though panicky at times, she is commended by all for her unparalleled dedication and commitment to the project. Fatima is the backbone of this team, working tirelessly on the development of an efficient and effective strategic plan. Seeing her smile is a rare sight but her constant pestering is essential to keeping us on track.

Minahil Malik
Marketing Manager

Taking the driver’s seat on the Marketing adventures is Minahil Malik, whose branding and PR skills are second to none. With one grip on the team’s corporate relations and the other on its promotional mix, this marketing executive is all set to make waves. Her vibrant personality, intellect and articulate communication skills make her a perfect fit in this team of multi-talented individuals.

Wardah Jamal
Marketing Manager

Financial constraints? What is that? When you have a purposeful, competent member like Wardah Jamalmanaging your sponsorships, money becomes the least of your problems. Our Sponsorship Manager is here to add value to this diversified team through her excellent interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and a distinct sense of humor. Showing immense support for our female-centric team, Wardah is more than willing to contribute to its success.

Hira Ejaz
Head of Animations

Giving her 100% in everything she does, Hira Ejaz is hell-bent on proving her worth by displaying her talent and technical expertise. Our 21-year-old Designer and Tech Team member is a student of Industrial Design with a growing interest in animation. Highly observant, Hira has the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy in her work. This life of the party adds excitement to the most monotonous tasks. She is a real foodie, easily driven round the bend if not given her meal breaks.

Laiba Rodyna
Marketing Manager

Attaining satisfaction is next to impossible for her. Our assertive and meticulous Marketing Manager,Laiba Rodyna, is the personification of orderliness. She performs best under pressure and her skill to work with new ideas motivates her to get better and accomplish more. Charged with the task of making the most informed decisions regarding our business plan and our operational objectives, this information booklet also keeps an eye out for the ongoing group activities.

Sabah Zaman
Executive Technical Team

There really is no limit to her speed. In addition to taking up the roles of a Marketing Manager and a Designer, Sabah Zaman has also assumed the post of our licensed driver. Certainly, Sabah’s wheels are an asset to the team. It is her undying passion for Automotive Design and her ability to generate unconventional ideas that became the driving force behind her exceptional performance. This ergonomic and engine designer is all set to achieve our branding goals.

Aartrah Rauf Shaikh
Executive Technical Team

Aatrah Rauf is our Tech Team member, assisting in the designing of the chassis and suspension. She is also credited with keeping visual records of all our work. All the captivating, creative images that go up on our Facebook page are solely Aatrah’s contribution. Along with working as the team’s photographer, she also happens to be our volunteer driver. Now, thankfully, we have her at our beck and call. Her cheerful, ever-smiling face is a welcoming sight.

Hanadi Hayat 
Director Graphics

This optimistic and quirky 20-year-old is both our Director Graphics and our Social Media Manager, who is taken with her responsibility to create a favorable brand image in the market. Particularly admired for radiating positive energy in the team, Hanadi Hayat believes in rising to challenges in the most productive, yet fun-filled manner. With an inquisitive mind and an aptitude for innovative learning, she has geared up to experience the world of Motorsport.

Harim Akhtar
Executive Technical Team

Harim Akhtar is an invaluable part of our Tech Team, ensuring that everything is up and running smoothly. Self-doubt and hesitancy pretty much kiss themselves goodbye when she is around. This workaholic creates an environment of productivity and coherence for her teammates, where everyone is expected to carry out their tasks diligently. It is almost astonishing to see how her happy-go-lucky attitude takes a 180-degree turn once she starts working.

More about Formula Student 2018

The Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition. It is backed by high profile engineers and industries in the world. The competition aims to develop innovative and enterprising young engineers from around the world and encourage more people to start a career in engineering.

Each year hundreds of competitors take part in the event who are tasked with producing a prototype of a single seat race car for sprint racing or autocross. This car is then presented to a manufacturing firm.

Teams are judged by specialists at the end on the basis of skidpad, sprint, acceleration, endurance and fuel economy and more of the car.

This year’s Formula Student 2018 will be held on 11-15 July.