This newly constructed mosque has become one of the most beautiful mosques of Karachi

There is no shortage of great mosques in Pakistan, but recently only a few of the newly constructed mosques stood out from the rest when it came to architectural beauty. Names like the famous newly constructed mosque in Bahria Town comes to mind.

But now a mosque that has just been completed in Liaquat National Hospital is quickly becoming the talk of the town for its beautiful interior and modern exterior. The mosque has a unique interior which is both accessible and beautiful to look at.

Without any doubt, the Liaquat National Hospital mosque rivals some of the best mosques in the country. It has been designed by Ahed Associates who have done more such beautiful projects around the country. The MEP consultation on the mosque was provided by Econs.

The Liaquat National Hospital mosque was inaugurated on Friday. Hundreds of people were present to offer Friday prayers. The inauguration ceremony of the masjid was led by Justice (R) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani.

Location of Liaquat National Hospital Mosque

Liaquat National Hospital Mosque has been built adjacent to the hospital to cater the hospital staff as well as the people visiting it.