Meet Rizwan Hussain, first Pakistani to represent Pakistan at Ultraman Australia

Rizwan Hussain has become the first Pakistani ever to compete in Ultraman Australia, a brutal 515 multisport race being held in Australia this year.

Rizwan belongs to Karachi but is currently living with his wife and daughter in Dubai. He works at IBM but has a passion for athleticism. Having been part of several other Marathons and obstacle races around the world, being a part of Ultraman and representing Pakistan is an honor for him.

The athlete has entered the competition with his crew which consists of his wife and fourteen-year-old daughter. One of the major reasons why he entered the race was to remember his late son.

More about Ultraman Australia

Ultraman Australia is a brutal 515 Kilometers multisport race which is held annually. The race is divided into three stages over the period of three days.

In the first day, the contestants must swim through the ocean for 10 kilometers and then complete another 145 km on a bike that challenges them to climb 6,000 feet above.

Stage two also consists of a 256 km bike ride and a climb of 4,000 feet. In stage three, contestants must run for 84 km. Each stage must be completed in 12 hours or less.