Lahore Orange Line Metro Train conducts its first successful trial run

The still under construction Orange Line Metro Train had a successful trial run today. A train was tested on the tracks near the depot of the project, showing the progress on the project.

According to concerned authorities, the 12 KM long track of the project that starts from Dera Gujran to Lakshmi Chowk is the last big portion of the project which is expected to be completed during this week.

The trial run was attended by known figures from the authorities, government and construction agency responsible for the Metro Line Orange Train project.

Last year the progress was halted on the project when Lahore High Court had ordered the work halted due to heritage sites being disturbed. The order was overlooked by the Supreme Court of Pakistan allowing the project to continue but under strict monitoring of the construction.

According to the order from Supreme Court, the concerned authorities were required to test run the train before the full operations began to check whether the vibration from the trains doesn’t disturb the heritage sites of Lahore.

The Orange Line Metro Train was expected to be completed by December 25, 2017. But due to the delay that date has been extended into 2018. A new release date hasn’t been given yet.