KHALISH- A powerful message on how painful experiences lead to a quest for revenger

After Khaani, Geo TV launches another guided missile. A drama jam-packed and loaded with intense performances, a strongly impactful storyline and a promising cast- Khalish.

The drama reflects on the story of Sahil (Faisal Qureshi) who is on a blood feud against his father, a father who left him and his mother, Mumtaz (Zainab Qayyum) to suffer cruelties in the hands of society.AltamashBehram (Asif Raza Mir) leaves Sahil’s mother after marrying her because of her poor financial status and because she did not meet the standards of his wealthy Mogul Altamash Empire.

Sahil’s mental stability gets critically damaged owing to the torment and pain society inflicts on him throughout his childhood.

The death of his mother makes things even worse. He, further, faces a rejection from the love of his life, Nageen (Sunita Marshall) over being financially cringed which further hardens him.He finds his father as the root cause of all evil as he combats with poverty, negligence and social injustice all alone in every course of life.

The antagonist sets on a mission to destroy his father, AltamashMehran, to seek vengeance. The shots shown in the teasers are quite compelling, portraying a Faisal Qureshi full of rage, gory blood in his eyes, looking determined to pursue a long bitter quarrel against his own father.

The dialogues “Ap nay bachpan main khilonay la karnahidiyay, AltamashBehram. Tab nahikhelsaka, abkhelunga” shown in the teaser with Faisal Qureshi tossing a queen of hearts into his pocket, are hair-raising and good enough to have viewers rooting for the drama to finally air.

Will Sahil destroy his father in the process of seeking justice for his dead mother? Will his father, Altamash be able to justify his actions? Will he ever recover from his mental illness and deeply rooted miseries? Well, the drama aired it’s first episode on 14th Feb, 8 pm exclusively on Geo TV so grab your popcorns and gear up for another intense roller coaster ride of a drama.

  • Written by: Imran Ali Safir
  • Directed by: Syed Ali Raza (Usama)
  • Production House: Ice Media & Entertainment