Islamabad Traffic Police’s new awareness campaign is winning hearts all over the city

Yesterday, a bunch of Islamabad Traffic Police officers was seen at the signals of Islamabad’s popular roads holding placards saying ‘We Are Here Because We Care’.

The police officers held these two-sided placards in front of vehicles that were waiting their turn at the signal. The back side of each placard had a safety message asking citizens to wear belts, don’t use the phone while driving, don’t break signals, stay in your lane and more.

The people waiting for their turn at the signals immediately caught pictures of the officers and started posting it on their social media feeds, appreciating the work the police is doing. ITP later released a video revealing that it was their latest campaign to spread traffic awareness in the city.

The #BecauseWeCare campaign is an excellent initiative by the police. Since Social Media has a lot of power to spread awareness and bring change, the police have seemed to strike the right chords with its campaign.

People are already re-sharing the videos and are loving the police’s efforts. The police were also appreciated for their efforts during the heavy rain last week in the capital.