Islamabad Traffic Police various act of kindness in last two days have won the hearts of public

The rain had enveloped most of Islamabad on Monday and it made commuting very difficult for the citizens. Heavy rain and unstoppable winds continued throughout the city making life hard for everyone.

But thanks to Islamabad Traffic Police, traffic incidents were minimized in a weather condition which is known for creating tons of road hazards.

The traffic police stood their ground while it intensely rained in the capital and went on to do their duty by controlling the traffic. But this time around, the police went out of their way to help troubled citizens and won hearts at the same time.

On several occasions, the traffic police of Islamabad were seen doing more than their assigned task. They helped stuck citizens, offered umbrellas to motorbike passengers and children, helped in crossing roads, fixed cars and blocked sewerages and helped people in any way possible.

A series of pictures were released on social media showing these brave men doing more than their typical duties on a hard day. Ever since then the traffic police has won a lot of hearts in the capital and around Pakistan.

The police have definitely set an example and have proven that they are doing their best to serve the country under any circumstances. Thanks to their act of kindness on Monday, several citizens reached home safely.