Islamabad Police introduces digital parking ticket system in the capital

Islamabad Police has partnered with JS Bank to digitalize the parking system in Islamabad. The two organizations have just released a new parking system that uses a scannable QR-code to recognize cars parked in public spaces.

The police are calling the technology ‘Park Secure’ which is essentially a way to protect people cars from theft when they park in large public parking spaces. The system is very easy to use and understand by the public.

The digital system was tested at the famous Sunday Bazar of Islamabad which is located in H-9. Police constables who manage the entry of cars inside the public parking space designated for the Sunday Bazar were seen handing small QR codes to drivers as they drove past the entry gate to park.

This small QR-Code contains the complete data of the car such as its registered number, make/model and more. Upon exiting the public parking space, the QR-Code is handed to another constable who scans the code and verifies if it belongs to the correct car and its owner.

Moreover, the QR-Codes will also provide additional statistical data to the police such as how many cars enter and exit at a given time. This will allow the police to better manage the parking spaces and even add more if needed.

Speaking on the occasion, the citizens appreciated the new digital parking system and said that it made them feel safe. According to Islamabad Police, the system will be extended to other public places of the city very soon.