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People keep a close eye on winter sales, summer sales and off-season sales at clothing brands and footwear. Them saves a lot of money on stuff they wear throughout the year. There arrived Food panda with discounts on restaurants where people saved each day throughout the year.

Lately, an app named Kuks is in the market that has hit the market with huge discounts.

The Kuks application is brand new and one of a kind food based application that allows you to book tables and order food in advance. Although nearly every restaurant in Pakistan lets you reserve a table or place order in advance, none of them actually reward you for doing so.

The Kuks app is here to change the way reservations take place in restaurants by giving you massive discounts every single time you book a table through the app.

Every restaurant on the application gives you at least flat 15% off on entire menu when you reserve a table with select restaurants giving you a whopping discount of up to 50% off on entire menu.

Discounts on all food items whether its Chinese Food, Hunza Food, Japanese Food, Pakistani Cuisine or for that matter Fast Food. You get up to 50% Flat Discount on all renowned restaurants of Islamabad and Lahore.


How to use Kuks App

The app is ideal for people who dine out regularly and have to frequently go through the trouble of waiting in line just to get a table at one of their favorite restaurants.

Just download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and simply select a restaurant from a list of many eateries, fast food, cafes, and restaurants and order food and book ahead. If you are on your way back home, you can also order food in advance with the same discounts for takeaway.

Up to 50% restaurant discounts in Islamabad and Lahore

To show you an extent of how much discount you can get by using Kuks, check out their offers in Islamabad and Lahore currently live!


Here is the complete list of restaurants participating in massive discounts through Kuks.

  • Wang Fu – Specialty in Chinese Restaurant
  • Fat Soul – Specialty in Burgers
  • Jurassic Pizza – Specialty in Newyorker Style Pizza
  • #TAG – Specialty in Steaks especially Ostrich Steak
  • Pizza Originale – Authentic Italian Style Thin Curst Pizzas
  • 10 – Eleven lounge – A new Den for all Celebrities and Gigs
  • The Cheese Factor – Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza
  • Al Haaj Bundoo Khan – Authentic Pakistani Cuisine & BBQ
  • Istanbul – Authentic Turkish Cuisine
  • Shakespear’s Lounge – A Place where you can read and sip just like the old times.
  • BBQ Bazaar – Authentic Peshawar Style BBQ Served with Elegance and Class
  • Dixy Chicken – International Fast Food Chain famous for its Crispy Burgers
  • Pappasallis – The Pioneers in Fine Dine Restaurants with Presence in all corners of Islamabad & Rawalpindi
  • Mursaki – Authentic Japanese Cuisine
  • Newyorker Pizza – Authentic Newyorker style pizza
  • Wild Thyme – Authentic Hunza Food
  • Lebanese Food Garden – Full on Arabic Food
  • Badmash Biryani – The Real Taste of Biryani in Islamabad
  • Tandoori Restaurants – Laid the stepping-stone in Islamabad with a Tradition of Dining out

And a list of names does not end here. There is De Macho’s Pizza, Vigo’s, Mearoffs Café, Atrio Café & Grill, Chicago Steak House, Des Perdes, Hot N Chilli, Incantre Coffee, Cannoli, The Burger Joint, The Grill, Juicito, Booster Juice Bar, Pepper Town, Mushroom Bites, Pizza Monger, Heng Chang, Dainty Fast Food, Mantu Gul Kitchen, Khoka Khola, 1969 Café, Pablo’s BYOB, Espresso Express, Cowboy’s Lounge and many more restaurants in Islamabad & Lahore.

More about Kuks App

The Kuks app was recently launched in Pakistan to provide a way for foodies to book tables in their favorite restaurants and get rewards in return. Within 3 months of its launch, over 500 restaurants from Lahore and Islamabad are already on board.

The application is a joint venture of KuKs and US-based company OneByte. It was released in Pakistan with an aim to revolutionize the food and dining industry of Pakistan. The app has allowed many restaurants to experiment and bring positive change in their services without worrying about economic constraints.

The app was fully launched for the masses after the Kuks app secured many big names to its roster of ever-growing restaurants.

KuksApp is absolutely free for customers. You don’t have to buy any vouchers to avail the limited time offers. Simply download the app and order at your nearest or the favorite restaurant. Latest offers are available on their official Facebook Page.

Download the Kuks App

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