Facebook now sends you a notification if someone uploads your photo even if you’re not tagged

Face recognition technology in photos is nothing new to Facebook. When you upload a photo, Facebook automatically detects your face and the face of your friends and lets you tag them.

But this technology which was previously only being used for tagging purposes will now spearhead Facebook’s battle against indecent photos uploaded in revenge.

From now on, no matter who uploads your photo, whether public or private, if the face recognition technology detects your face in the photo, you will immediately be notified.

With this new feature, you will instantly know if your photo was uploaded. You can then decide whether to allow the photo to keep appearing on newsfeed or report it to be taken down.

The Face recognition technology by Facebook is a very important feature for Pakistan where cases of people uploading indecent photos with face swapping are very popular.

For a very long time, people have had the ability to upload photos of someone without their permission and the affected party had no way of finding it out until they saw it in their newsfeed. You will now be able to protect your photos to be used by strangers.

How to use Facebook’s Face Recognition for Privacy

The Facebook Face recognition technology is now available in Pakistan. Here is how you can use it.

By now, you have probably seen this status in your newsfeed:

Simply click on ‘Go to Settings’ and allow Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos by selecting ‘YES’.

To learn more about Face Recognition, check out Facebook’s official update.