This extremely Lavish building is actually a horse stable in China

A lavish horse stable recently became the talk of social media around the world after a picture of the building showing luxurious interior with marble floors, chandeliers, and statue emerged from inside the facility.

The facility was first thought to be located in Dubai, however, after it got extremely viral, the air was cleared revealing that it was in fact a horse museum in the Jiangyin City of China.

The pictures belong to the Heilan Horse Culture Museum which is one of the most luxurious of horse stables in the world. It was constructed as a tourists facility and is home to dozens of horses from all over the world displayed for tourists for free.

The horse museum opened its doors to the public in 2016 but it went viral in late 2017. It is a luxurious facility holding as many as 43 different breeds of horses and is also a shopping mall at the same time. The 43 breeds of horses have been acquired from around the world including the rare Akhal-Teke horse imported from Turkmenistan.

The horses are well kept and have their own rooms where they are treated well and are also looked after. They appear from their rooms often styled with braided manes and more.