Dubai open doors of ‘Gevora’, tallest hotel in the world

Dubai, the city of sky scrappers has just added another massive travel attraction to a list already great buildings and attractions for tourists.

This time the city has opened doors of the world’s tallest hotel, Gevora. This is the second tallest building in the city after the Burj Khalifa which stands at 828 meters tall. The Gevora hotel has 75 stories and is 356 meters tall, just a wee bit taller than its predecessor Dubai’s JW Marriot which is 72 storeys high and is 355 meters tall.

To understand the scale, the Gevora hotel is taller than the Big Ben in London and 56 meters taller than the iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris.

Gevora’s main attraction isn’t just its height, it also has some very interesting facts. For example, the gusts of the hotel enter the building through gold-plated revolving doors, and at the rooftop, there is a restaurant that gives a panoramic view of the city with a menu that has food from both local and international cuisines.

Moreover, the Gevora hotel also has the highest pools in the city overlooking Burj Khalifa.

Location of Gevora Dubai

Gevora is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Dubai International center. It has 528 guest rooms and suites as well as four restaurants. The hotel also has a total of 3,859 stairs.