Despite Increase in Budget, the No 1 Ranked school building in Sindh is ranked 62 in Pakistan

The general elections of Pakistan are about to be held and all the political parties are now gearing up for election campaigns as the nation sees its second successful democratic transition in a decade.

However, there has been very little effort put into seeing what the current elected government and political parties have done in the past five years. Have they met the promises they made during the election campaigns five years ago?

While there is very little investigation into actual progress made on the claims in various sectors, Alif Ailaan, a non-profit organization which is working for the education sector of Pakistan is working hard on collecting data and presenting it in a report to show the progress of education reforms in the past five years, especially in Sindh.

The organization has just released a very detailed report that critically analyses the progress and pace of these education reforms which gives a clear idea of what has been done and what has been left out.

To see the full performance of the Sindh government in the education sector, you can read the full report here.

Summary of Report: Positives and Negatives

The above report is evidence that the government has indeed made some changes, but there are still many loopholes left unfilled. Here are just some of the positives and negatives the report highlights.


  • Sindh schools now recruit teachers based on merit
  • Introduction of Standards test to better Public-Private Partnership Program with over 550, 000 students enrolled in over 2400 Schools called Sindh Education Foundation
  • Centrally Managed Biometric Verification of Teachers has been introduced
  • Improve in Funding from 145 Billion in 2014-15 to 202 billion in 2017-18


  • No increase of enrolments in schools.
  • Less than 2500 Middle Schools compared with 40,000 Primary schools leaving students little option after primary school to continue education.
  • Almost 50% of Primary schools with no wall, toilets, drinking water and electricity.

Interesting Facts of Sindh’s education sector

Number of Primary, Middle, High Schools in Sindh


Sindh Schools Facilities Available


Sindh Education Budget For last 5 Years

The launch ceremony of Alif Ailaan report

The report was launched through a ceremony held on 15-2-1018 with several attendees present on the occasion for discussion.

Speaking at the launch of the report, the gathered panelists, including the Provincial Minister for Education Jam Mehtab Dahar, spoke about reform wins the Sindh government has achieved and looked forward towards what more needs to be done to face the daunting challenges facing Sindh’s education sector.

The panel included Sadiqa Salahuddin, Nelofer Halai, Jam Mehtab Dahar, Amin Hashwani, Shehzad Roy and Jami Chandio.


About Alif Ailaan

Alif Ailaan is a campaign that aims to make education a top priority for all citizens of Pakistan. Our goal is to ensure that every child in this country—rich or poor, boy or girl, whether they live in a village or a big city—is in school. We work with politicians, education officials, teachers, parents and communities, and civil society organizations to make sure children are enrolled in school, stay in school and receive a good quality education.

Alif Ailaan is a Pakistani campaign funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID). It is run by Pakistanis, for Pakistanis. We have many supporters abroad and at home, including all the major political parties in Pakistan.

Alif Ailaan encourages all efforts to ensure that education is a national priority for Pakistan. This includes supporting the government’s work to improve education. Many members of the federal and provincial governments are supporters of the campaign and work with us to reform Pakistan’s education system. Alif Ailaan works with all provincial governments and regional administrations, education secretaries and chief ministers, as well as the federal government and Minister for Education.