A charity in Saudi Arabia built a special path for a blind man to help him reach the mosque easily

Recently a video uploaded by a Saudi Arabian news channel went viral which showed an elderly blind man walking to the mosque with the help of a rope which was attached to the door of the mosque and his home.

After the video went viral, a local charity in the city of Buraidah, Northern Saudi Arabia decided to help visually impaired citizens reach mosque for prayer easily.

The charity installed a textured path as a test for a visually impaired man in the city. The yellow path was installed just outside the entrance of the house of the man leading towards the mosque.

The path is designed for visually impaired and takes inspiration from a new safety crossing for blind people installed in 2015 in Gloucester, UK. The path has tactile bars on the ground which act as a tool for visually impaired people.

The path leads them directly to designated areas and has so far been quite helpful since blind men and women can easily walk on it and reach their destination without needing too much of a guidance from their surroundings.