Americans tried learning Kabaddi from Pakistanis and had a time of their life

The U.S Consulate Karachi once again held a sports diplomacy event in Karachi. This time the event was focused on the game of Kabaddi which is a popular wrestling sport in Pakistan.

The consulate had invited athletes from Karachi Kabaddi Association to come and teach 60 English Access girls and boys for the sports diplomacy event.

The aim of the sports diplomacy event has always been to invite the less privileged to come and enjoy an event where they can learn to hone their skills in sports. The event is also held to promote sports culture in Pakistan.

This year, the Kabbadi event also saw American adults taking part. They personally went into the field to learn how to play Kabbadi from the experts.

The Karachi Kabaddi association athletes helped Americans experience the capture the flag Kabaddi which is based on two teams and is popularly known as Pro Tag. The aim is to tag as many players as possible and run back to your team without being tackled.

The Americans who tried learning called the game tough but really fun to play. The U.S Consulate holds such events every year to promote sports in Pakistan.