48 antique Quran collection more than 1000 years old is now on display at Grand Jamia Masjid Lahore

The Grand Jamia Masjid located in the Bahria Town of Lahore has become one of the biggest symbols of the Islamic World in Pakistan. The mosque which provides an indoor praying facility of 25,000 people is the also the 7th largest mosque in the world.

The mosque also serves as an attraction for tourists and citizens because of its grand structure just like the Badshahi mosque in Lahore and Faisal mosque in Islamabad.

To add to its beauty and give back to the community, the mosque has just opened a display floor which holds 48 antique Quran collection of which most are more than 1000 years old.

Bahria Town has acquired these antique Qurans from all parts of the world and brought them to Pakistan. You can now visit the mosque to see this unique collection of beautiful Qurans first hand.

More About Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore

The Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore is the 7th largest mosque in the world having a total praying capacity of 70,000 people.

The mosque’s exterior and interior are truly magnificent offering breathtaking views and giving people a look at the fusion of Pakistani culture and traditional Islamic Culture.

The grand structure has 4 minarets each standing at 165 ft tall with a grand dome in the center surrounded by 20 smaller domes. But the biggest attraction of the mosque is that there are 4 million 2.5 inches handmade Multani tiles made by craftsmen.

Location of Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore

The Grand Jamia Mosque is located in Bahria Town Lahore. Use the map to get there easily.