These 3 friends from Balochistan are making perfect 3D sand art on Juddi Beach in Pasni

Pakistan has no shortage of talent, especially when it comes to art. We have some of the best artists from around the world producing unique pieces of art that easily leaves one in the state of awe.

Contributing to art, a trio of talented friends in Balochistan, namely Zubair Mukhtar, Bahar Ali Gauhar and Hussain Zeb have created something truly unique in Pakistan.

The three friends are an expert when it comes to playing with sand on the beach. They are leaving people mesmerized with their unique 3D sand art displayed on the seaside of Juddi Beach is Pasni Balochistan.

The 3D drawings consist of doors, bottles, sloping rooftops and more. Each and every 3D drawing made by the three have left people confused thanks to their optical illusion which makes them appear 3D. The three also walk around and pose with their art to add to these optical illusions.

According to these three talented artists of Balochistan, each and every drawing can take up to 3 hours to complete. They use common tools like stick and stones to hand draw them on the beach.