This woman from Lahore becomes Careem’s first bike Captain

As part of Careem’s women empowerment scheme, Careem has just introduced Pakistan’s first female bike captain.  Riffat Shehraz is one of the few daring women who is going beyond the norms to do something different.

Careem’s women empowerment scheme has attracted more females from around the country to join Careem as captains of both cars and bikes.

According to an interview by Express Tribune, Riffat explains that she has been riding bikes since she was 12 years old and riding a bike has always been her passion.

Riffat recently joined Careem as a bike captain and has already completed numerous rides across Lahore. She has traveled kilometers upon kilometers in the city to drop off her passengers who are both male and female.

According to Riffat, she has not come across any incidents of harassment by her passengers or people around her. She starts her day at 9 AM in the morning and serves as a captain in Lahore up till 10 PM every day.

Mixed reactions from the public

As inspiring and daring Riffat’s choice is to join Careem as a captain, unfortunately, she has met with mixed reactions from the public, especially on Facebook.

When Careem revealed her on their official Facebook page, while some of the people really appreciated her efforts, a lot of them weren’t exactly happy for her to be sharing rides with males.

Some even suggested that Careem should raise funds and get her a car instead of letting her ride a bike.

Despite all the criticism she is facing, Riffat will continue to serve as a captain of a bike at Careem. For many Pakistanis, she is still a true symbol of inspiration.