The way this team dealt with trash from 10,000+ people at Karachi Eat is lesson for all of us

Pakistan’s biggest food festival ‘Karachi Eat’ was held at the Benazir Bhutto Park last weekend. During the three day long activities, the festival attracted more than 100 food stalls and 10,000+ people.

With such large events in Pakistan, there always comes tons of trash and garbage and unfortunately, a lot of people don’t care where they throw their trash.

The amount of trash that resulted in the three days of Karachi Eat was so large that at one point it looked impossible to clean the park and get it back to the way it was before the event.

But the impossible was made possible by a private waste management company in Karachi ‘The CareTakers’ who worked tirelessly for hours to clean the park during and after the event.

As a result of their efforts, Benazir Bhutto Park is looking spotless. The efforts of the waste management crew of ‘The CareTakers’ is quite commendable and is a lesson for both the people and public services in the country.

If we all work together and take care of how we handle our personal trash, nothing can stop us from keeping our cities clean and green.