This street school in Karachi is teaching children free self-defense following recent child abuse incidents

Following the horrific child abuse incident of Kasur, a street school in Karachi has started giving free self-defense classes to minors.

The aim of the classes is to equip children with the knowledge to defend themselves during such incidents. The school is particularly teaching children who spend most of their time on the streets who are an open target for child abusers.

The self-defense school is a project of Ocean Welfare Organization (OWO), the same organization that is running a popular footpath school under the Bahria flyover in Clifton, Karachi.

Speaking to Express Tribune, the president of OWO, Syeda Anfas Ali said that children are thought to eat fish but are never thought on how to catch them. With these self-defense classes, children will have the means to fight back and learn how to handle such an incident.

The classes are being held under the banner of ‘Zainab memorial self-defense training’ and are held every day from 3 PM – 5 PM at the same footpath school for free.

After the training is over, the school even gives away RS 10 as a reward to children for taking part in the classes along with some food to eat.