Someone in Karachi just turned this Suzuki Bolan into one of the most luxurious ‘carry dabbas’ of Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan or the Suzuki Carry is one of the most popular and widely used kei truck of Pakistan. This microvan was originally called the Suzuki Carry van until 1982. Since then it has been known by many different names.

The Suzuki Bolan is commonly used in Pakistan for pick and drop services and is notorious for coming with the bare minimum specifications and features both inside and outside.

But one man in Karachi decided to take things into his own hands and modified the interior of his newly acquired Bolan to match that of a luxurious car.

This modified Suzuki Bolan belongs to Muhammad Amir, owner of a small ‘Rent A Car’ business in Baldia town of Karachi.

According to Amir, he acquired a brand new Bolan in white color and had it painted with blue color. He then took the microvan to Abbottabad and completely changed its interior.

According to the owner, it took nearly RS. 5 lakh to modify the Bolan to what it is now. Apparently, the microvan is now fitted with seats from Toyota Corolla and can be reclined to turn them into a bed.

For those of you who have never seen the interior of Suzuki Bolan, have a look at the interior of a stock model of Bolan.

The Bolan has become an instant hit on the Social Media of Pakistan with many people wondering if the owner is selling the carry dabba. Unfortunately, Mr. Amir has decided to keep the Bolan for himself, at least for now.