Rang De Swat project launched to beautify the walls of all bazaars in Swat

The Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TKCP) and the Culture Department have jointly initiated another unique project in KPK to bring color and paint to the walls of district Swat.

The project aims to give an eye-catching look to the locals and visitors of the city. Under the Rang De Swat project, the walls of all bazaars in the district will be painted and colored with various beautiful designs and arts.

To paint the walls, famous artists, painters, graphic designers, civil society members, teachers of the province and students from around the province will take part.

The project was initiated yesterday and will continue for a week until the entire walls of the famous bazaars in the city are painted with color. The designs are prepared by the students of fine arts and experts of other departments.

Just like Rang De Peshawar, the objective of the project is primarily to beautify Swat as well as recall the values and customs of our culture. The TKCP believes that art and calligraphy are very powerful tools to reflect culture, beauty, and heritage of a society.