Would you pay RS. 50 to try these luxury toilets on Lahore/Islamabad Motorway?

Do you travel to Lahore or Islamabad frequently through the Lahore/Islamabad motorway? Are you unhappy with the restrooms installed at the stops of the motorway?

If you frequently find yourself troubled with the situation of restrooms on the Lahore/Islamabad motorway, you can now pay RS. 50 and enjoy a luxurious experience at the luxury restrooms of M2 motorway.

The Hascol Petroleum company has installed a series of luxury restrooms across all stops of the Lahore/Islamabad motorway for people who can’t stand the free of cost to use restrooms on the highway.

The restrooms were inaugurated in early 2017 and have recently become a social media highlight. These restrooms are equipped with luxurious toilet accessories and give an exquisite feel when you enter one of these.

They even have split AC’s installed inside.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the restrooms is that you can even get a membership card for the restrooms if you are a frequent traveler on the Motorway.

With these clever cards, you no longer have to pay in cash and can even enjoy a minor discount by buying a package.

So the real question is, would you pay Rs. 50 to use these luxury restrooms or would you rather stick to the typical restrooms?