Pakistan’s first ever international standard Tennis Complex comes to Lahore

Pakistan’s first ever international standard Tennis Complex has just been inaugurated in Lahore alongside a Tennis Academy. The newly constructed Tennis Complex in the Nishtar Park Sports Complex has a tennis lawn that rivals international tennis courts around the world.

The complex cost RS. 200 million to construct and according to the Punjab Sports Boards, the tennis court is one of the best in Asia and will help Pakistan produce world-class players.

In September 2017, Pakistan star tennis player Aisamul-Haq visited the tennis complex personally and assured that he would play tennis on the court and as well as train young players there.

Speaking to the press, Aisam said that it was an extremely pleasurable feeling to finally see a tennis court that is on par with international courts.

I never saw an International standard Swimming Complex in Pakistan before this one – Aisamul-Haq

With this new Tennis Complex, Pakistan will not only be able to train players better in the game of Tennis, it will also be able to invite international tennis players to play in Pakistan.

Location of Tennis Complex

The Tennis Complex is located inside Nishtar Park Sports Complex, Lahore.