Pakistan’s first digital book of records launched

Pakistan has a huge pool of talented young men and women who are making Pakistan proud every day with their talents, skills, and knowledge.

But unfortunately, most of them go unrecognized by the authorities of Pakistan and sometimes the media. As a result, most of them are non-existent to the Pakistani people.

To recognize their talents, skills, and knowledge, a digital book of records has been launched which is handing over ‘Guinness book of world records’ like certificates to people who have exceptional talent.

Pakistan Book of Records recently held a medals and certificates distribution ceremony which recognized and encouraged talented individuals from around the country.

As many as 21 individuals were handed medals and certificates during the ceremony. Some of the records held by Pakistani individuals are below:

1. Ommara Afsheen (Islamabad) Written Quran in one year.
2. Rehmat Aziz (Chatral) Languastic software developer.
3. Tayyaba Tariq (Lahore) Motorbiking.
4. Taimoor Shah (Peshawar) Youngest Scientist.
5. Wajahat Imam (Islamabad) Most Innovative ideas in Entrepreneurship.
6. Samar Khan (Rawal Pindi) Cycled to Biafo Glacier Northern Areas.
7. Guleafsha (Rawalpindi) Cycled to Pak China Border.
8. Nazia Parveen (Bajour) Rock Climber.
9. Sayed Asad kakakhel (Attock) Endurance.
10. Ammar Khan (Peshawar) Social Activist in multi Disability.
11. Mohsin Nawaz (Lahore) Rj with Multi Disability.
12. Hubaib Ahmad (Peshawar) 160 kicks in one minute (Junior category).
13. Areeba Shahnawaz (Islamabad) Youngest Blogger.
14. Zain Tariq (Rawalpindi)

For the full list of record holders from Pakistan, visit the Pakistan Book of Records website and Facebook page. You can also contact them to set a new record if you think you have a unique talent that needs to be listed in the record book.