Pakistani made a designer ‘Nikahnama’ and gifted it to his sister as a wedding gift

When Umar Shahzad, a Canadian-Pakistani’s sister wedding was nearing, he just couldn’t let her go without doing something special for her.

Shahzad who is a graphic designer by trade decided to do something no one has ever done in a Pakistani wedding. He custom designed a ‘Nikahnama’ which is the most beautiful thing you’ll see today.

Unlike normal Nikhanama’s which are written on a white piece of paper often compiled and printed on typical document processors, Shahzad’s custom design Nikahnama is a piece of art that anyone would love to frame and display on their walls.

But designing the Nikahnama wasn’t as easy and simple as anyone would think. The whole process took Shahzad a lot of effort since he had to contact religious authorities for all the information that goes on a Nikahnama.

After getting the basic information, Shahzad got in touch with a calligrapher who helped him design his sister and her husband’s name in Arabic inside a circular medallion.

The results were pretty amazing as you can see from the pictures above. After Umar uploaded his Nikahnama to his Instagram, he got a massive response and hundreds asked him to make a designer Nikahnama for their wedding.

Umer Shahzad work could bring a new trend in Pakistani weddings.

More about Umar Shahzad

Umar Shahzad describes himself a creative professional specializing in branding and user interface design. He loves to welcome new challenges and always takes on opportunities that help him exercise his creative skills, allowing him to learn a new thing or two in the process.

Umar currently works as a senior graphic designer for a tech firm in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He can be reached on his official website.