This Pakistani company is making fun and amazing educational videos for kids

IT-blended learning is quickly becoming popular around the world with more and more nations introducing engaging content on computers for young children to help in learning.

Unfortunately, a very large part of Pakistan still depends on textbook learning which has very old material in them and is often not very engaging and fun for the children.

A few schools in Pakistan are introducing modern teaching methods but there still remains a large gap.

meraSABAQ is one of these companies that are trying to change how the way young children are taught. The company writes, produces and deploys educational content on Android tablets for children and releases some of the content on YouTube too.

Saal Kay Bara Maheenay (Months of the Year)

Saal kay Bara Maheenay is an Urdu song ideal for students in kindergarten to grade 2, and is meant to introduce young learners to the 12 months of the year.

BAY HISAAB MATH – Learn to Count

Learn to Count is a great series aimed towards introducing numbers and counting to young children. To aid retention, a special emphasis is placed on recognizing the number’s shape.

Urdu Phonics – Do Chashmi Hay (ھ)

Mein Hoon Do Chashmi Hay is a song meant to teach Urdu phonics and blending with the letter ھ! Through a delightful melody children will learn how to aspirate ھ with different Urdu alphabets.

meraSABAQ on YouTube

meraSABAQ also uploads most of its video content on their YouTube channel. Tons of fun educational videos are available for the children that any parent can use for their children’s learning.

You can also join their Facebook page for updates on lessons and more. Here are some of their best videos on YouTube.

How meraSABAQ works?

The content created by meraSABAQ is fun and engaging for children of young age. In the schools where these lessons are being taught, most of the children eagerly wait every day to learn through the method.

meraSABAQ content uses scenes and references that are easy for Pakistani children to grab on to. For example, the characters in the videos and lessons range from halwa-makers, headscarves wearing little girls and other characters dressed up to show the culture and traditions of Pakistan.


So far meraSABAQ has created Urdu and Maths content with Sindhi, English and Science content on the way.

meraSABAQ is largely available in underprivileged areas of Pakistan. They are working with different schools in the country.

Lessons are taught through a custom-made tablet that is designed to be used by both teachers and children.