Nike and Sony join hands to bring ‘PlayStation’ themed Sneakers

Are you a fan of Sony’s PlayStation and Nike’s sportswear? You’re in for a surprise because the two giant companies have just joined hands to bring you the PG-2 PlayStation Sneakers.

This is a collaboration between Sony, Nike and Paul George, a professional basketball player from Oklahoma City ‘Thunder of the National Basketball Association.

The sneakers are designed by Tony Hardman, the same designer responsible for the first series of the sneakers. The new PG-2 sneakers are inspired by PlayStation 4 and it’s controller, the DualShock 4.

For hardcore PlayStation enthusiasts, the sneakers have all the key elements in the design such as the iconic X, circle, triangle, and square buttons embossed over patented leather.

On the tongue of the sneakers, there is a PlayStation and Paul George logo on each of the shoes. These logos illuminate in blue color when they are pressed. The logo themselves are battery powered and can hold a charge for up to 150 hours.

On the back of one of the shoe, a barcode is also being added which can be scanned to redeem an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme.

The PG-2 PlayStation sneakers will hit the Nike stores on Feburary10, 2018.