This new french fries specialist chain is quickly becoming a Karachi favorite

Pakistanis have a special attachment to french fries. We create our own unique combo of french fries. Whether it’s eating them with pulao or adding them to two pieces of bread with chutney, french fries make every food taste better.

But as far as french fries drenched in various sauces go, there haven’t been many options in Pakistan except OPTP. But even OPTP has drastically reduced the amount of sauce they add on top of their french fries over the past few years.

To meet your constant cravings for french fries drenched in sauces, a new french fries specialist chain has opened its doors. Starting from Karachi, Potadose is the ultimate place to go if you crave french fries topped with different sauces.


Potadose launched in February of 2017 but has quickly expanded to two outlets in Karachi and is now planning a third outlet. This is proof enough that Pakistanis can’t stop loving french fries.

Potadose promises to deliver the sauciest french fries in Pakistan at extremely affordable costs. Their sauces include cheese, BBQ, Mayo, and hot & spicy. But their menu isn’t limited to just french fries.

The chain also offers curly fries topped with your favorite sauce as well as dancing potatoes, crinkle fries, potato chicken strips, burgers, croissant sandwich and potato wings.

Location of Potadoes Karachi

Potadose currently has two locations in Karachi. One is in the Clifton area while the other is in Gulshan. The chain is expected to launch its third outlet very soon. They haven’t yet announced expanding outside of Karachi.

Location 1 – Bachaa Party, Khaliq-uz-Zaman Rd, Karachi

Location 2 – Plot # SB-5, Suleiman Lodge, Main, University Rd, Karachi.