Multan gets one of the most grandest libraries of Pakistan

Multan has just received one of the grandest libraries of Pakistan. The Garrison Public Library is a state of the art library that is so beautiful that it has become a popular discussion subject on the social media of Pakistan.

The grand library which was being constructed has now been completed and is set to open to the public in the next few days. The public library is open to everyone and the membership costs only RS. 500 per month.

Multan Garrison Public Library features a dedicated ladies section, a children science museum, day care center, news reading room, a children’s play section, a cafeteria, special persons section, and a vast seating area for the public.




The Multan Garrison Public Library and community center is a project of DEMS Private Limited. The company expertise in mechanical, electrical, and public health engineering. They have high standards when it comes to building in the public sector.

The Multan Garrison Public Library was one of the projects DEMS Private Limited did for Pakistan Army.

Location of Multan Garrison Public Library and Community center

The Garrison Public Library is situated in front of Askari Colony, Sher Shah Road, Multan. Use the map below to get there.