Meet Pakistan’s first professional K-POP dancer

Sophia Mujahid from Islamabad is the first Pakistani K-Pop professional dancer. Her passion to dance and cover Korean popular music dates back to when she was just 6 years old.

Sophia was so passionate about dancing that in spite of having knee injuries, she continued to practice and perform her dancing skill until she became really good at it.

She learned to speak, read and write the Korean Language all by herself so she could better understand the Korean culture and their music which is popular around the world.



Before becoming known in the K-Pop community, Sophia had to work really hard on her dancing skills. She uploaded numerous dance performances covering the best K-Pop singles on her YouTube until she started taking part in K-Pop Dance competitions.

Although she never won the first position, it didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for dancing. She is now considered an icon amongst Pakistani teens who love Korean Music. Sophia is often invited to cosplay/Asian conventions around Pakistan to perform and she never fails to entertain the crowd.

Apart from dancing, Sophia also makes make-up tutorials and loves to dress up as various characters from popular movies and anime.

You can check her dance performances on her official YouTube channel and follow her on her Facebook page.