Islamabad Traffic Police is bringing e-challan and digital ‘fine’ payment system

The National Bank of Pakistan and Islamabad Traffic Police has just signed an agreement for a brand new e-challan & payment system during a signing ceremony today.

The partnership of ITP with NBP will allow the police to handover paperless challans to traffic violators through a smartphone with a customized application designed for the police.

The violators will receive the receipt of the challan via SMS which they will be able to pay through online payment means such as Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, and other digital wallets.

The new system will completely change the way you pay your fine. You will no longer have to wait in long ques that are often found in front of all National Bank branches.

Under the new agreement, the National Bank of Pakistan intends to add even more new ways for the public to pay their challan. They will extend e-Payment to ATMs, M-Wallet, and bank to bank transfer.

Consequently, the ITP will now have a digital record of challans and violators in Islamabad which they can use to further analyze and improve their system.

The implementation of this new system is expected to go live sometime in 2018. The expected release date hasn’t been announced yet.