A huge number of Careem captains are protesting in Islamabad against the company’s ‘new policies’

Pakistan’s most used and popular ride-hailing service ‘Careem’ has come under heavy fire from their own captains. A huge number of captains of both bike and cars arranged a protest today at 10:00 AM in Islamabad.

According to the captains, Careem introduced new policies on December 25th, 2017 which are unacceptable and inhuman in nature. The new policies have changed the requirement to receive the guaranteed bonus by the captains for both bikes and cars.

Before the new policies, Careem bike captains were required to complete 8 rides to receive RS. 1,600 guaranteed bonus which has now been changed to 14 rides.

Similar changes have been made to the policies of Careem Go, Go+ and Business categories. Reportedly, the company is also mass blocking Careem captain IDs for not producing satisfactory results.

Careem has also made it mandatory for Careem bikers to buy a helmet from the company ever since Islamabad Traffic Police set strict new rules requiring the passengers of bikes to wear helmets too.

Reportedly, Careem now requires each and every biker to carry a spare helmet for their passenger which they must acquire from the company for RS. 1,100 whereas the helmets are available for a mere RS. 500 or less in the local market.

Careem Captains have threatened the company to revert the changes made to the policy else a countrywide protest will follow.

Demands of Careem captains

Here are the demands of the Careem captains protesting against the company today.

  1. We strongly disagree with the new bike bonus guarantee
  2. Bike guaranteed bonus should be RS. 2,200 and the number of required rides should be 8 because it is impossible to complete 14 rides in the cold weather
  3. The mandatory 14 rides to receive a bonus is impossible to achieve on bikes. This has to be changed.
  4. Blocked IDs of captains must be restored by the company
  5. Any blocked payments of the captains must be released