HTC raises the Virtual Reality game with their newest Vive VR Headset

The HTC Vive is the best virtual reality headsets, or at least until HTC revealed the HTC Pro last night. The company has just raised the bar in the virtual reality industry by introducing its newest version of the headset.

HTC Pro is more comfortable, lighter and offers 10-meter by 10-meter tracking with a whopping boost to its resolution which is now 2880 x 1600.

The new version of the HTC Vive has a dual OLED display that gives out a 615 dpi resolution. This is a 78% increase from the current resolution of the company’s successful virtual reality headset.

Moreover, the HTC Vive Pro also features dual microphones and with noise cancellation and built-in headphones with 3D sound technology.

The HTC Vive Pro will be available in April but a full kit with controllers and a wireless adapter will be released later this year.

HTC Vive gets a wireless adapter

A new wireless adapter was also revealed last night for the HTC Vive. This will make the headset completely free from wires, allowing the users to roam freely which was impossible previously.

HTC still hasn’t revealed the price tag of their newest headset or the wireless adapter for the Vive. The company said that pricing information will be available when the headset is close to release.

Additionally, the Vive store will also be getting upgraded with over 2,000+ VR experiences. The HTC Pro will continue to support Steam for video games.