Here’s a glimpse at the under construction map of Pakistan lake in Lahore

The Greater Iqbal Park opened its doors to the public last year on August 14, the Independence day of Pakistan. This marked the completion of the first phase in the effort to extend the park.

The second phase immediately began afterward which included the construction of a history museum and a map of Pakistan lake.  The construction work on both the new additions to greater Iqbal Park are going strong and are close to completion.

The project which started a couple of years ago has now made Greater Iqbal Park one of the most beautiful public recreation places in Lahore.

But the complete project is still far from complete. According to LDA, the project will assure the renovation of Minar-i-Pakistan Complex and the extension of Iqbal park by adding in more space which will form a circular garden around the road between the Lahore Fort and the Park.

To cater to the various audience, the park will also have features like elaborate walkways, thematic food courts and art gardens. The food court is being designed in the park is based on the heritage and culture of all the four provinces of Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan. Fountains and lighting will also be added.

The Lahore authorities haven’t given a launch date for the museum or the map, but from the looks of it, they are both in the completion phases.