Global ice cream chain Swenson’s is coming to Pakistan

If Baskin Robbins wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for ice cream, another extremely popular ice cream chain, Swenson’s is set to launch in Pakistan in 2018.

The Swenson’s ice cream chain is expected to launch its operations from Karachi and will open its first branch in DHA.

A Karachite recently captured an ad on a street of Karachi and posted it on social media. Ever since fans of Ice cream are excitedly waiting for the ice cream brand to launch in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the brand has even created a social media presence by creating a Facebook page. The page has uploaded ‘coming soon’ banners but fails to tell when it will launch. But it is expected that it will be operational by the summer of 2018.

Swenson’s started in San Francisco, California in 1948 before becoming a global ice cream chain. The brand has more than 150 flavored ice cream and has 300 franchises around the world.

Swenson’s is known for its sundaes which the brand claims to be unlike anything you have ever tried.

Location of Swenson’s Pakistan

Swenson’s is expected to launch its operations in Karachi. According to the Facebook page of the brand in Pakistan, it will be located at Street 6, Saba Avenue, Badar Commercial Phase 5.

Keep checking back as we update on the status of Swenson’s launch.