The first ever zoo of Peshawar is set to open in Feburary

A zoo is a very popular attraction between children and adults. But unfortunately, for the people of Peshawar, there has never been a city zoo. For decades, children and adults have to visit zoos of other cities like Islamabad and Lahore.

Things are about to change for the citizens of Peshawar because the first ever zoo of the city is ready to open doors to the public.

The KPK government has been hard at work completing the zoo. Originally, the zoo was supposed to be inaugurated in October 2017. But it could not be opened because of a road construction delay just outside the zoo.

According to the authorities responsible for the zoo construction, the road being constructed adjacent to the zoo must be completed before the zoo can be opened to the public otherwise there will be a lot of traffic congestion in the area.

The Peshawar zoo has already been completed and covers an area of 29 acres filled with gardens and animals along with play areas for children.

The zoo authorities have brought animals from other zoos in the country such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

Location of Peshawar Zoo

The Peshawar Zoo is located near the Pakistan forest institute on Palosi road. Use the map below to get there with ease.